Rabbi Rochelle is fantastic, and I enthusiastically recommend her to Jewish and interfaith couples! For my husband Antoine and I, she provided thought-provoking spiritual counseling before our marriage and a flexible yet meaningful Jewish ceremony for our San Francisco area wedding.

We met with Rabbi Rochelle four times before the wedding and called/emailed frequently in between, and she was very responsive to our questions and requests. Most importantly to me, Antoine (who isn't Jewish and has limited experience in synagogues etc) immediately felt comfortable with Rabbi Rochelle. During our sessions with her, she gave us homework assignments that made us think deeply about our values and goals for our marriage, and she helped us plan a ceremony that both reflected our personal level and style of engagement with Judaism and incorporated Antoine's African-American traditions.  Our guests continue to rave about how special the ceremony was. For some, it was their first exposure to a Jewish service, and many went out of their way to tell us how included they felt and how beautiful it was. My mother was over the moon.

Rabbi Rochelle's pre-marital guidance and her ceremony were the perfect way to start our lives together. Antoine and I feel so grateful to have had her as our rabbi on our wedding day - and for many years to come!

Kristen & Antoine


Thank you for making Kristen and Antoine’s wedding so very special.  Many of our guests commented on what a beautiful and touching ceremony it was!   We greatly appreciate that you took the time, both during the Ketubah signing and during the remainder of the wedding ceremony, to explain the Jewish traditions to those in attendance.  You conducted the ceremony with poise and grace and helped to make it a wonderful occasion for us all.

Best Regards,

Judy and Jon (parents of the bride)


Craig and I want to thank you for doing such a beautiful job officiating our wedding. You really got to know us as individuals and as a couple, which was evident to us and our guests. We can't believe how many people came up to us after the ceremony to say it was the best wedding they've ever been to, with the exception of their own! I take that to be the highest compliment on this very special and personal day. You infused love, laughter, joy, seriousness and really worked with us to create an interfaith Jewish ceremony of our dreams. I know we weren't easy and didn't want a standard experience, and we are so grateful to you for working with us to craft our perfect wedding - we wouldn't change a single moment.

With gratitude,

Julie and Craig



Rabbi Rochelle truly did a tremendous job.  Our ceremony was light-hearted, deeply personal, and most importantly for us, really fun!  Rabbi Rochelle got to know us as people and as a couple, meeting with us on multiple occasions before the wedding and listening to our wishes while offering guidance and advice.  As a result, she really imbued our ceremony with a sense of intimacy.  Further, as an interfaith couple interested in exploring Judaism together, we really hoped for a ceremony that everyone could enjoy and feel comfortable in.  Our goal was to incorporate Jewish traditions but also to explain their significance and make everyone feel welcome and a part of the ceremony.  Rabbi Rochelle did an amazing job at this; our ceremony felt Jewish but at the same time it was inviting and not in the least bit isolating.  It was absolutely wonderful.  Rabbi Rochelle made jokes, explained the historical and cultural significance of different traditions, and in a very personal way described our story and our love and shared that with our guests.  It was an absolutely beautiful ceremony.  Everything we hoped for and more.   We continue to have guests tell us how great our ceremony was, particularly Rabbi Rochelle.  

We recommend Rabbi Rochelle absolutely and without reservation.  Our wedding day would not have been as amazing as it was without her.  She was truly wonderful and we feel incredibly fortunate to now count her among our friends.

Melissa and Daniel



We were very blessed to have found Rabbi Rochelle Tulik.  After securing the venue we really wanted, only a few dates were available to us.  We didn’t realize how difficult it would be to find a Rabbi willing to marry us on a Saturday, before sundown, in the heart of summer.  Feeling discouraged as I contacted Rabbi Rochelle, I was grateful that she wanted to have a conversation with me, to find out why we wanted a Jewish ceremony and why it was important to us.  No other Rabbi took the time to ask.

At our first in-person meeting, my now husband and I instantly connected with her.  It was as though we were spending time with a good friend.  She really took the time to get to know us, in order to have the ceremony feel more personal, and it definitely was.  She was always professional; always willing to answer any question we had and go over each and every detail.  I wish we could have the ceremony again, just for the wonderful experience we had with Rabbi Rochelle.  She is someone we will always stay in contact with, as she made one of our most important days, that much more special for us.

Jessica and Loren


When our daughter, Jessica, got married on August 27, 2011, we were over the moon with happiness.

There is so much stress in putting a wedding together. You can only pray it falls into place and nothing goes wrong. Every issue from the music, to the food, to the weather is a concern. Is everyone going to be able to come? Is everyone going to remain healthy and happy? As Jewish parents, our biggest concern was who would marry our daughter and would the service be meaningful.

We could not have asked for a more wonderful Rabbi, with an understanding of our daughter and son-in-law, Loren. Rabbi Rochelle Tulik made us laugh, made us cry, and made everyone feel included in the ceremony. She got to know both Jessica and Loren, giving them a new understanding about the traditions of being a Jew. She took the time and patience to listen to them, the most important thing of all.  Everyone in the audience thought Rabbi Tulik had known them both for years. That is such a compliment and does justice to what she learned as a listener and teacher.

We can't thank Rabbi Rochelle enough for her humor, kindness, and making us believe again.

Kindest Regards, Rebecca and Sheldon


Thank you so much for making our wedding day the best day we could have ever imagined. Everyone thought you were incredible. Truthfully. So many people have told us how moved they were by the ceremony. It was more beautiful, magical, and amazing than we could have ever imagined. We were so moved by all your words. Many people said they felt like they were healed by our wedding because there was so much love around. We are so grateful to have found you,  We really can't put into words how grateful we are to have found you, and are elated to know you for years to come. Thank you for blessing our lives and for being such a huge part of our marriage. Thank you also for being our spiritual guide. It was well needed and you couldn't have been more inspiring, calming, and centering to our spirits.

Thank you for all you do!

Love, Dave and Melissa



Hi Rabbi Rochelle,  

We just got back from our post-wedding rest and relaxation (we're saving the official honeymoon for later this year) and wanted to take a moment to send a belated thank you. We couldn't have been happier with how the ceremony went and your help and guidance through the process, as well as all the improvisation that had to be done on the spot. As we went from table to table at dinner everyone commented specifically on how great of a job you'd done, including a few engaged friends who are considering converting to Judaism in order to have you officiate their wedding. :)  

Thanks again,  

Phil & Libby


Just a note to thank you for conducting a beautiful ceremony for Philippe and Libby this past weekend. You have been most gracious in accommodating everyone’s requests even when they were conflicting. We admire your poise and incredible adroitness in handling it all.  Most of all at the Ketuba signing and in the ceremony you kept the Jewish spirit alive and well. We apologize for not thanking you in person but in the euphoria of the moment we were in a total daze.  

Best regards,  

Jeannine and Alain (parents of the groom)